DRAGONS BLOOD <br>protection + insight
DRAGONS BLOOD <br>protection + insight
DRAGONS BLOOD <br>protection + insight
DRAGONS BLOOD <br>protection + insight
DRAGONS BLOOD <br>protection + insight

protection + insight

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One of the oldest and most recognizable of all potion ingredients is Dragons Blood. It comes from a tree, that when cut, bleeds the blood of a Dragon. It's great in those times we need to feel empowered. You know, before going to that traffic court case or when your baby momma drops the kids off.


  • Each candle is crafted using real Dragons Blood
  • Inside discover 2-3 protection crystal stones


Chandlers notes:
Made from natural essential oils & Pthalate-free ingredients
A unique blend of 3 premium waxes
infused with Selenite
Natural Hemp Wick
Burns for 75+ hours
Includes candle holder 

Customer Reviews

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This is the best smelling candle I have ever had in my possession!!!! Soo in love.... This is definitely going to be a candle I get more then once

First time buyer! Amazed!

Im a first time buyer but been a believer for life. First found out about soul-terra on a post on facebook. And i bought the dragons blood candle its perfect! It came in purple, love the color and it smells amazing! Cant wait to find my little treasures hidden inside this is my new guilty pleasure! Thank u cheryl!

Adored this

Smelled amazing, even better than the black salt candle. Got three gorgeous and good sized crystals and a lovely reading 🥰🙏🏻

Pink salt candle

My candle was amazing and I would love to find out what the Crystal's mean

White sage...cleanse the yuckies!!

As usual, soul terra doesnt disappoint! The energy in the house has been a little "off" for the last few days so i figured, lets cleanse! White sage is a light but beautiful scent. I really liked this one a lot and was great to use instead of smudging. I didnt want to deal with all the smoke in the house from a sage bundle and so i pulled out this white sage candle instead and let it do its job, to get a easy quick cleanse...worked great! I dont think soul terra could ever make a bad candle!!!