DRAGONS BLOOD <br>focus + insight
DRAGONS BLOOD <br>focus + insight
DRAGONS BLOOD <br>focus + insight
DRAGONS BLOOD <br>focus + insight
DRAGONS BLOOD <br>focus + insight

focus + insight

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One of the oldest and most recognizable of all potion ingredients is Dragons Blood. It comes from a tree, that when cut, bleeds the blood of a Dragon. It's great in those times we need to feel empowered. 


  • Each candle is crafted using real Dragons Blood
  • Inside discover 2-4 protection crystal stones, amulets, or Runes


Chandlers notes:
Made from natural essential oils & Pthalate-free ingredients
A unique blend of 3 premium waxes
infused with Selenite for Protection
Natural Hemp Wick
Burns for 75+ hours
Includes candle holder 

Customer Reviews

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Very cute

The candle was super cute, I got a big rock and and a little crystal and a crystal ring. It didnt have much of a scent but it was very nice too look at

Highly recommend

I loved my white sage candle! Such a clean smell and I loved all of the crystals that came in it!

Wonderful business

This candle not only smelled amazing but was a fun and relaxing way to collect crystals that you might not think about purchasing on your own!

Palo Santo Paradise

The Soul-Terra family places so much love into their candles! They come well packaged (even though someone in the mail department tried to play basketball with one of my boxes—only the plate was broken)!! I typically rip into the box ASAP to release the wonderful aromas from the candle... and once it begins to loose its strength, I will burn her. Palo Santo smells just like Palo Santo... she smells very earthy, and yummy!! I have purchased many candles over a couple years and have yet to be disappointed. 💛

Favorite scent & Candle

I am a little disappointed in myself that this scent took me ages to buy, because it’s so beautiful and really feels like it cleanses the room and even the house - just with the scent. I really like this one, and I’ve tried several of their candles but this is the one I won’t hesitate getting again.