Sweet Snake Tears

The Serpent <br><small>Prideful | Ambitious | Cunning</small>

This cunning aroma was craftily created by our wizards with a special ingredient: Sweet Snake Tears. 

-Discover a Crystal & Charm just for the The Serpent House
-Burns for 75+ Hours, large, measures over 5.5"
-Includes Tongs & Burn Card

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Georgiann Fah
Makes me happy

Love love love lighting these candles and waiting for the surprises. Bought several to give as Christmas gifts.

Michael Warren (Roseville, US)
So good!

Just like all the candles this smelled incredible! And the gems inside were amazing as well!

Julia B (Grants Pass, US)

Loved my candles sooo much!

Disappointed (Albuquerque, US)
Beautiful but..

It's a beautiful candle and it was very fragrant in the box but once lit, it didn't seem to be as fragrant. I just barely lit it last night and let it burn for about 6 hours. Kind of a let down after my Warrior candle but still love the look. Can't wait to find a the goodies inside.

Emily Birney (Waverly, US)
The most beautiful candle I’ve gotten!!

I don’t know if this actually ever got submitted but i absolutely like the candle. The smells are incredible and I can’t wait to sit down and actually enjoy it. I haven’t been able to burn it and I haven’t been able to sit down long enough to do so but hopefully this weekend will be the time to do so!