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The wax lab

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Soul-Terra History of Logos

The story of Soul-Terra started long ago. 2014 to be exact. It was an idea: Can we create a product that elevates the spirit? Certain architectures can inspire us, music can transform us, dance can invigorate us.
What about scent?


Scent too is like music, each olfactory components is indeed referred to as a "note," and by blending the notes into “chords” a symphony is created.


“The art of travel is to move like the wind, like the musical beats, like the aromas of a busy foreign street.”


Traveling is a deep part of our inspiration. Our top goal this year as a team is to all visit the Pyramid of the Sun in Mexico. By transversing the World I’ve become so inspired by the fragrant aromas unique to each region, stories that are the tapestry of the culture, and of course, megalithic structures that withstand the heavy hand of time.


The idea caught on, and other artist joined in to put a little spice in the soup. Sometimes it was bitter, other times, too sweet, but eventually the great chef of destiny simmered it into a story that reminds one of an old Egyptian tale.


The Soul-Terra Controversy

What’s a tale if it doesn’t have a dragon? A copycat. A shadow. Controversy arose at the beginning of 2021 when creative differences clashed, emotions were rampant, and truth split into two, usurping the power of unity…


The essence of love was birthed into 2 daughters. The daughters of Chandlers. Each going a separate direction with their art & stories. 

While the true story of Soul-Terra will likely float in and out of rumors & tacky tiktoks, with only a glimpse of crystal clarity, our reminder is painted on the back Western wall:

The dragon that seeks to destroy us, is in fact inside of us, and only through love can we transform lead into gold.


Wyl the Wizard


Meet the team


Scorpio - Writer - Office Manager


Bio coming soon.


Bio coming soon.


Master Chandler


Bio coming soon


Bio coming soon.

Wyl the Wizard

Bio coming soon.

Dr. Drip

Shadow of the Chandler. Mystery. Apparently lives out back running a black market of sorts.

the Soul-Fam

Soul-Terra wasn't really started by anyone. It's an ongoing idea that people from widely diverse backgrounds and beliefs can come together and create beauty.

"Beauty is truth, truth (is) beauty. that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know"
-John Keats

Our Locations

South Florida

1261 Lamar Road



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