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wyl the wizard presents

The wax lab

come as you are

Soul-Terra History of Logos

Soul-Terra is about using the power of sacred scents
to transform your space into a sanctuary. 

Since the beginning of time, huemans have used roots, leaves, saps, flowers, and wood
in a burning ritual to help cleanse and sanctify our being.

It is the goal of Soul-Terra's candle creations
to inspire the soul & help us connect
to a deeper World through our sense of smell.


Many artist have worked on creations here, and many still do. Our creations are a shared endeavor, with each of us doing a small part that results in a finished product. We call our creations 'collective', because we understand the unique spirit each artist contributes.

Meet the team


Leo ~ Production Manager


Scorpio ~ Master Chandler


Capricorn ~ Photographer ~ Social Media

Wyl the Wizard

Famous for once breaking the internet as 'the most narcissistic candle maker on TikTok", when he's not busy smelling things he's usually at a renaissance faire."

Dr. Drip

Shadow of the Chandler. Mystery. Apparently lives out back running a black market of sorts.


The best coffee maker in the office.

the Soul-Fam

Soul-Terra wasn't really started by anyone. It's an ongoing idea that people from widely diverse backgrounds and beliefs can come together and create beauty.

"Beauty is truth, truth (is) beauty. that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know"
-John Keats

Our Locations

South Florida

1261 Lamar Road



Contact us

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