The Evil Eye

Monthly Mystery Box
Every candle has a treasure inside

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Monthly Mystery Box - The Evil Eye

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Let's travel back in time, 7,000 years ago near Mesopotamia. The Evil eye was drawn on doors, caves, and made into talisman to protect the wearer against negative projections.
The latest box is all about the EVIL EYE, and includes:
  • Evil Eye Candle with Mystery Ring
  • Melts with Evil Eye Tarot
  • Spirit Cleansing Incense
  • + More!
mystical creatures work here

The Soul-Fam is a mix of:
sugar + spice + a pinch of everything nice

Why a Soul-Terra Candle?

> Hand-Crafted by our team of Wizards & Witches. Our crew is diverse, creative, and most importantly; like family. Meet Us

> Highest Quality Ingredients - From our Selenite Wax to our Crystals - We use authentic & eco-friendly ingredients wherever we can.

> Since March 16, we donate a percentage to the MHA foundation helping families since 1909.
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