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Spring crystal candles

New Scents of Abundance

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe you must think in terms of Energy, Frequency, and Vibration.”

Nikola Tesla

pyramids generate energy

Orgone pyramids meet Selenite infused wax with a dash of cleansing black salt

Wax holds vibrations. We charge our candles under a large copper pyramid to create a octahedronic energy that is stored & released when you burn.

wyl~the~wizard presents

welcome to the magic candle factory

some say it's haunted, other's say it's a sanctuary. but one thing they all agree on: it smells really good inside.

define: soul~terra

The Power of Pyramids

The Power of Pyramids

I've traveled to 5 great pyramids around the World, ever curious of their mysteries. The similarities between them stretched beyond great distances has always captivated me along with the tales...

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"Listen not to merely to what one says, but to the whole of their action." "Deception is a dark art technique that pulls a curtain of illusion before your heart, mind,...

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A question we get a lot is:What are the metaphysical properties of a Soul-Terra crystal candle? Soul-Terra candles are first & foremost a metaphysical candle. Each aspect is consciously created...

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What's inside a Soul-Terra Candle?

What's inside a Soul-Terra Candle?

It all starts with the gemstone or crystals. Each piece is uniquely inspired by the gem & determines the wax, fragrance, and other key elements of the candle.   We...

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Soul-Terra started off with an idea:

Can we create products to help people on their spiritual journey?

8 years & a few scars later, I still get excited to wake up & go to the waxy laboratory.

Our candles have turned into art & our team has evolved into a creative family that is diverse & conscious. (and makes great espresso)

Our vibe here is one of abudance & positivity, cliche I know, but it really does make a difference in life. (watching The Secret is mandatory for employment here)
We choose our outlook on reality.

For a long time I chose to shut in & find solace only with my daughters & close friends. I took on other projects to distract me from the burn that comes from touching a flame.

What I learned along the way was that my true passion lay exactly where I left it; in creating beautiful candles that told stories, smelled divine, and of course helped inspire the magic that is within us all.

May our remembering be the reason we chose to create from the beginning: love.

Wyl the Wizard
(Ekʼ Balam Pyramid, Mx)

A sense of inspiration:

I travelled around the Globe to source some of the finest ingredients for candles. From Thailand Agarwood aromas to the beautiful green emeralds in Colombia, you'll feel the love & effort put into every piece we make.