The Moon Candle w/ Hidden Meteorite Tektite Inside

What does space smell like?!

Astronauts have described the smell of space as:
We blended an assortment of odd scents to craft a moon shaped candle that is inspired by the unique descriptions of SPACE...

As the candle burns it will reveal a real METEOR TEKTITE, or remnants of a real meteorite impacting Earth,

so you can smell for yourself!

Moon Candle reveals a METEORITE
Crafted from our signature blend of waxes. Burns for 35+ hours.
Includes tongs for your space rock inside. Measures the size of a baseball.



Ceramic Candle Plate ADD-ON Available!

Early Thoughts

of the MOON SCENTED Candle

"A wonderful aroma, distinct and curious. It also burns for a long time"


"Eye-catching, conversation piece"


"the perfect candle gift for my nerdy boyfriend"