Monthly Mystery Box - The Villains

Monthly Mystery Box - The Villains

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Randomly receive one of three unique Villain Boxes.
We all have a dark side within. Instead of hiding it away, learn to befriend this darkness so you can overcome your weaknesses with a strength you've never known. 
The latest box is all about embracing your VILLAIN inside, and includes:
  • A Mystery Candle that Reveals your Shadow Self
  • Melts with Various Prizes
  • Harmonizing Incense
  • + More!
  • $5 USA Shipping
  • $15 to Canada
  • $25 Worldwide
Lets See,
What's Included?

The SOULϟWIZARD or DR.DR!P craft each box
with the following:

Limited Edition Pyramid Candle
includes plate, tongs, & how-to burn card

Premium Soy Wax Melts
Crafted with herbs & essential oils 

Hand-Picked Crystal 
from the SOULϟWIZARD'S Private Collection

Exclusive Freebies
Stickers, pins, or art designed by one of our Team Creatures

Meditation Incense
The perfect way to instantly clear your space - light this first!


Boxes ship on date is listed above. We send out priority mail & they usually arrive within 2-3 days.

> Hand-Crafted by our team of Wizards & Witches. Our crew is diverse, creative, and most importantly; like family. Meet Us

> Highest Quality Ingredients - From our Selenite Wax to our Crystals - We use authentic & eco-friendly ingredients wherever we can.

> Since March 16, we donate a perfentage to the MHA foundation helping families since 1909. 
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Upcoming boxes

Unique Villian Candle:
Cruella | Ursula | Jafar
Melts + Incense + More!

meet the chandlers

Channelers of the Soul-Wizard & Dr. Drip.

It’s so unique and smelled so good!

Kylie from TikTok

I f**king love this candle!

Bronte from Portland

Best purchase I’ve ever made

Cheyenne from TikTok

Customer Reviews

Based on 1469 reviews
Katelyn Marshall (Cape Coral, US)
Worth all the money

Beautifully packaged with so much thought and scent! The incense are the best smelling around, I can actually feel my house being cleared while they’re burning! The candle is full of glitter and crystals! Can hardly wait to get another box! Highly recommend. I live in Cape and will be headed to check out the store front for the first time soon!

Amber Wilbur (Philadelphia, US)
So cool!

I have always been interested in the metaphysical and spiritual beliefs. I got this candle more as a joke, but when i lit it i knew immediately my intentions had meshed with the candles. The flame was as still as a picture for the entirety of the time i let it burn. I took videos, had a window open, was moving in and out of the room and no matter what it wouldn’t move. I snuffed the candle after a few hours and the next day re-lit the candle with the same intentions, same thing, flame was still as could be BUT this time about an hour into it, the flame split right in two on the top! I let the candle burn all the way through and retrieved my crystals from within as they freed themselves. Let me tell you, the series of events following the candles definitely matched with the intention given!

Cassie (Washington, US)
Heart candle

As always the candle is wonderful and always makes my apartment smell amazing and I love the crystals that came in it

Alexa Sheik (Enid, US)

Amazing smell and burns for a long time! Would highly recommend purchasing! <3

Trish I Christenbury (Oshkosh, US)
So pretty

I'll be honest, as much as I look forward to the cool stuff in the candle, it looks so cool as is and already smells good without burning. I'm just using it as decor for my altar currently! Might light it for the new moon though!