Money Magnet Edition

Monthly Mystery Box

After Months of Celebration, it's time to Manifest Prosperities and Cash Flow.

Envision Abundance and Wealth, it's already yours.


1.) Write down your affirmation on a piece of paper. Write it as if it were already true. Here's an example: "I am so happy and grateful now that I have more money in my bank."
2.) Light your candle EVERY DAY for 30 DAYS. When you light it, repeat your affirmation.

3.) Every evening, when you blow your candle out, repeat the affirmation. Think of this like making a wish on your birthday, except every day you'll be wishing for the same thing.

4.) Receive. Become open and aware of the opportunities that present themselves. 


Humans are extremely powerful. The repetition of this act coupled with the intentions WILL manifest something.

What's in this Months Box?

  • A Money Magnet Candle
  • Other Money Manifestation Goodies

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 1612 reviews
        Jermiah Small (Warsaw, US)

        Dragon's Blood


        This smell is unique and one of my favorites. These candles are good as an alternative light. I can feel the energy while burning this candle.

        Sarah Draughn
        Powerful and beautiful

        I love adding these candles to my spiritual practice. I love the mystery box because it always seems to resonate with exactly what I need. Great job!

        Angelina Pastrana (Sarasota, US)
        Wonderful candles

        I bought these candles for a friend, and she loves them!

        Bailey C (Detroit, US)
        LOVE this candle & scent!

        I’ve ordered this exact candle twice now. The smell and throw is just lovely, and the esthetic is perfect! Once it burns down I’ll be ordering yet again :)