How to use your crystals after you have discovered it

How to use your crystals after you have discovered it

Apr 04, 2016William Robinson

After you have let your Soul-Terra candle vibes permeate throughout your whole space and you've uncovered your healing crystal, what should you do with it? 

Whether you believe in its ability to heal or give such an energy, you cannot deny their beauty. Here are some ideas on how to use your crystal:

1. Put them on your alter. A sacred place just for your spiritual creations is a wonderful way to return to reconnect with your higher self.

2. Keep them as a charm. Green Calcite is good for healing professions, so it would be great for Nurses to keep in their scrubs. You could keep your Pyrite in your serving apron to bring in extra tips. 

3. Tie them into a dreamcatcher. Their are loads of DIY projects for crystals, like jewelry making & crafts, YouTube is where it's at.

4. Put them in your garden. Let their vibes synchronize with your plants.

5. Give it away. This one is our favorite. Nothing can bring more joy than to give away something precious to you.

Have another great idea for your crystal? Tell us below!


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