How long does shipping & processing take?
Most orders are processed and shipped within 2-3 business days.

When are the restocks?

Every Wednesday 10 am eastern time. Please see our TikTok and Facebook for what gets restocked that week.

I didn't receive tongs/stickers/matches/pin backs with my order?
All of our freebie items are while supplies last. We try to keep everything in stock so that every order gets plenty of freebies but from time to time we run out and cannot include them in a purchase. Order should include Candle and Plate always. 


Do you ship international?
Yes! Shipping is calculated at checkout.


How do I identify my crystals?
Post your finds on our Facebook and tag us! If we miss your reading, please send us a quick message on the social platform. 2-4 items within each candle for Zodiac and Smells like A Spell. One antique brass animal and one crystal in Spirit of the Wild. 


Can I pre-order or hold a candle?
We get many requests, however we simply cannot hold or offer pre-orders.


How fast do you sell out?

Our handmade magical candles do sell out very very fast.

Please don't give up and try again! Check out our Insta FAQ highlight or pinned post at the top of Facebook for the latest ordering tips and restock deetz. 


I entered the wrong shipping address at check out!

Our orders get processed very quickly - you can email us to change address but cannot guarantee we are able to respond quick enough due to the volume of emails. Please try contacting the post to have this rerouted. If it gets returned to us there is a $10 reshipment fee. 


Can I combine my orders?
Many times you may place multiple orders in an attempt to ensure you get the candles you want, however when you checkout buying only a single candle, the shipping rate is for just that candle. We're unable to combine the package because shipping rates increase with each candle.


Can I customize my welcome card?
We specially write the name of the purchaser on the how-to-burn card, we cannot offer any customization of this at this time.

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