Horoscopes are BS!

Horoscopes are BS!

May 07, 2018Wm. Robinson
Says no one here at Soul-Terra!
When you are on a date, are you that person who in the first five minutes of conversation ask, “What sign are you?”  I am! Okay, usually I'm a little bit more stealthy but, as someone who has track records with certain signs, I hold my breath until I know what sign I'm going on a date with. ( I am engaged now, Yay! To a Libra  - insert eye roll jk, I love you ;) - Because if I know I’m going on a date / girls night with an Aquarius man/woman, I can look back at the six Aquarius friends from the past two years that I’ve hung out with and take a moment to pause and be real with what I can expect. It's like anything in life—you live, you learn! Some things are just not worth repeating.

OK OK!!! So,  is this BS or real-deal important deets? Could we (I) possibly be judging too much or stereotyping our new encounters when we consider their zodiac sign? Possibly. But like Grandma says, better safe than sorry hunny. Getting to know your potential friend / lovers  sign can help protect your heart. But first, you’ve gotta start by educating yourself on what signals your own sign is sending—both in terms of how you interact in friendships and romance. It reminds me of the Ace of Base song - I saw the sign and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign.

For example, my Mother is a Virgo  and I am an Earth Sign Capricorn. Both of these signs are considered unemotional. (Although she does cry a lot) They do have some emotional issues, but not the same ones, and this helps us become aware and approach each other in a way we both understand. This is a relationship that needs time and work! Most of all, the emotions between us need to build, just like trust. With the calm, practical, and active compassionate trust between us, we can start to build confidence with each other.

Another as mentioned above, my fiance is a Libra, ( love you again boo ) I am a Capricorn.  I wouldn’t say that Libra’s are stubborn, ( cough cough ) but, when they find themselves in a relationship with a Capricorn, they suddenly become headstrong and sometimes even impossible to talk to.  Even though Libra adores Capricorn and their grounding traits,  this is shown in the most unusual way, for they seem to feel the need to speak out of spite. ( psh I’d never do such a thing lol ) This can be a long battle, with no winners or losers, simply two people always building walls between each other, for reasons that aren’t clear to anyone around them.

But of course, there are special cases! Kim Kardashians West (Libra) – Kanye West  (Libra), being in an air bubble worked! ( I think lol ) And water-on-water flows perfectly for Ryan Gosling *drooling* (Scorpio) and Eva Mendes *still drooling* (Pisces)!

Bottom line: Just like Bill Engvall would say, “ Here’s your sign!”  But in all seriousness,  just the way anything matters when you begin a relationship: Is he a dog person? Does she love the gym? Do you like the same food, music, clothes… etc? They're ALL hints and clues you could be compatible, but it's never absolute or definite. So do your homework kids, but also go with your gut—and your heart. That will NEVER fail you.

Love Always and Forever,
Co-Owner of  The Dopest Candles on the Globe - Soul-Terra
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  • Super fast delivery!! Loved my sagittarius candle. Unfortunately, I’m pretty new to the whole crystals thing, and had no idea which crystals I got in my candle. (Still trying to learn) just wondering if in the future you would be putting info with the item..?

    Jessica barnhouse

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