[user-submitted] The ♥  Knows

[user-submitted] The ♥ Knows

Apr 18, 2018William Robinson

When I was sixteen, I was forced to live in El Paso, Texas.
I mean, I was a minor so I kinda had to do whatever my parents and the military said, so we didn't really have a choice anyway.
Anyway, for my sixteenth birthday I wanted to do a palm reading. My best friend at the times parents took us and we both started to freak out. I watch waayyy too many crime shows, so the only thing going through my head was "Oh my gee, this dude is gonna murder me."
My best friend at the time, I'll call him C was just freaking out because the place was covered in dust and he is a mega neat freak. C ended up not wanting to get his palm read, so I got mine done instead of both of us getting it done. When the person first walked out, I was 100% expecting Madame Leota, or at least someone similar for some strange reason. Out comes this tiny but buff guy, and yes, I still thought he was gonna murder us.
During my reading Skylar ended up telling me that people have used me for as long as I can remember and because of that I had a broken heart. At the time I though he just meant like "Oh no, your last relationship crashed and burned so you're heart broken." Then he continued to say that once my heart is fixed and whole again I will finally understand what it's like to love and be loved.
He literally meant heart broken, however I didn't find out that my heart was messed up until Valentine's Day in 2017.
Funny thing is, I met the most amazing guy a few days earlier at a concert. On March 6th, 2017 I had my open heart surgery, which was to repair a massive hole in my heart, and that guy I mentioned earlier, he stayed with me through all of it, and is still in my life today.
Looking back now, Skylar was correct, even if I judged him hardcore at the time and didn't believe him at all. Let's be honest though, who would think that they have heart issues when someone says your heart is broken.
Through all my mistakes and dark past, I still keep in touch with Skylar, even though he left El Paso and moved to San Francisco.
He requested an invite to my future wedding, even though he's invited no matter what. Who knew that great things could come from ones darkest times?

Submitted by Georgia L. Hale

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