Spring at Soul-Terra

Spring at Soul-Terra

Apr 20, 2024Jamie Lynn
Spring has sprung and our beautiful ideas have not only sprouted, but have gracefully grown, and now we are bloomin' & boomin. We are so much more than candles, we are an experience. Stepping into the factory is an lark in itself, if you haven't done this and are able to, do it. Shopping in the store is the ultimate purchasing option - you get to see where the magic is poured, find your perfect scent, or take home a limited edition that may not be available online! You'll be greeted by cats & our warm staff. We carry more than candles in the store too, we have an assortment of jewelry, crystals, sage, and more. We have everything you need to create the ultimate sanctuary, just add fire.
     Experiences and memories are fundamental in creating art. So, Soul Terra likes to experience new things all together, as a team. As you know, Soul Terra is a collaborative business, we collage all of our ideas together. Having adventures together allows us to blend our ideas, concepts, and ultimately continue to create the unique smells we love so dearly. So, Soul Terra has been going on so many amazing adventures. We took our Candle Quest to a renaissance faire & traveled back in time, to a time when everything was by candlelight! Every princess, pirate, dragon slayer, sidekick, wizard, and warlocks got a whiff of our wonderful candles. Once returning from our weekend fairy tale, our adventures continued on in modern times - in Miami! We mingled, mixed, and met lots of cool cats & big players at a networking party - and let me tell you, we looked dapper!  We proudly carried our candles all over Wynwood the next day, capturing as many photos as we could, and blew Miami a kiss goodbye. 
    Haul out, set up, smile, break down - that's the routine on the weekends. We are grinding hard here, making sure our lovely candles get into loving homes.  Our street team has been slinging smells all over South West Florida. Stay posted on our facebook to see where we will be popping up around town. 
But wait.... bigger news! Soul Terra is starting to hit the music festival circuit! We will be starting this journey off with the Earth Festival the weekend of April 26th in Brooksville, Florida. This is a family festival with all sorts of workshops, drum circles, and even kids activities! What events would you like to see Soul Terra vending at?
    There's so many different ways our staff stays involved with each other, but we also strive to have experiences with you. Soul Terra is thrilled about our event calendar.  We have so many unique workshops, classes, and even a party on May 25th!  What kind of events do you want to see at Soul Terra? 
Be sure to stay updated by following us on facebook, and you can also see our calender on our recently (and fantastically) updated website. Also, did you know our magical and whimsical candle factory makes the perfect venue for a gathering! Whether grand or intimate, Soul Terra will add magic to your party.

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