The Magic of the Festival

The Magic of the Festival

Nov 26, 2017William Robinson

Every year, thousands of seekers flock to one of the many art and music festivals we have here in the US. This year alone, the Soul-Terra fam was as Okochobee, Hulaween, and Zen Fest. There is a certain magic, unfound in many places, like that at a music festival. One word comes to mind that sums it up: freedom.

Freedom from the drains and strains of our modern society, which is much out of touch with the spiritual and natural parts of our being. 

Freedom from judgment. That harsh criticism placed upon us by colleagues, family, and even ourselves. At a festival, you are you, and are embraced because of it.

Freedom from the obscurity found within our laws and over regulating state. Conscious expanding drugs from weed to L are common place, with fellow 'nauts guiding each other into new phases of evolution. 

It's a beautiful thing, full of magic and inspiration. A surrounding of love that pulsates long after the music stops and long drive home ends. A spark is ignited every time, and for short while, the true wild human spirit is alive and free.

Many blessings to those who's paths we have crossed. We are eternally grateful and we welcome this new year in with a prayer of gratitude and sincerity.

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