The Subconscious Pyramid

The Subconscious Pyramid

Nov 26, 2016William Robinson

The three pyramids of humanity: spread throughout the world, (quite precisely), along the Nile, in the far east of Cambodia, and the ruins of Central America.

These three pyramids represent a union of civilization.
From their ingenuity & rhythmic traditions, the wonders of the World were built.

Stretching deep into the subconscious, the pyramid brings forth the ideal of unity. Unity with all that is, oneness.
From this place of knowing,
Your Soul's perfection emerges.


Your candle should be lit when the moon is at her fullest.
By attuning your actions with the Divine Mothers’, your intention becomes pure and integral. When you discover your crystal,
snuff the candle, and carefully remove it with tongs or a utensil.
Carry it with you, make a bracelet, or give it to someone you love <3

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