AQUARIUS<br><small>visionary + free-spirit</small>
Aquarius crystals
AQUARIUS<br><small>visionary + free-spirit</small>
AQUARIUS<br><small>visionary + free-spirit</small>
AQUARIUS<br><small>visionary + free-spirit</small>
AQUARIUS<br><small>visionary + free-spirit</small>
AQUARIUS<br><small>visionary + free-spirit</small>
AQUARIUS<br><small>visionary + free-spirit</small>
AQUARIUS<br><small>visionary + free-spirit</small>
Smells Like Merlin's Library

visionary + free-spirit

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This emotional air sign is known for it's vision & out-going nature.

The Soul-Terra Aquarius candle is crafted with a powerful blend of Selenite wax (used for it's protective properties) & natural essential oil blend scent (Plum + Violet Vanilla).

Inside discover crystals for the Aquarius zodiac to help keep the Aquarius on track & fro closing site of her goals.

dr. drip

Who is Dr. Dr!p?
Dr!p is the shadow of the Soul Wizard. He awakens when others fall asleep. He creates intoxicating aromas & brilliantly mad candles, and usually leaves a mess.


The shadow side of the psyche is all of those secret beliefs we perceive about ourself that we think are negative. 

These "shadow" zodiacs are to be lit w/ caution; they may show you sides of yourself you didn't even know you had.

Worry not; let your inner flame guide you to your highest self.
As Dr. Dr!p always says:

"The brighter the light, the darker the shadow."


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soul-wizard // dr. dr!p
who is dr. drip?

Choose between the classic Soul-Wizard design or his alter-ego DR.DR!P creation!

January 20 - February 18

aquarius horoscope

The water bearer seeks freedom & equality for all, but often feels limited & constrained. 
The World describes your horoscope as:

Adventurous | Optimistic | Assertive | Open Minded

The magic is within

Discover: Crytals/Rings/Runes/Amulets for the AQUARIUS

Post your finds on Instagram/Facebook & receive a free Horoscope reading

AIR GOD scent

Grapefruit & Tangerine - Stress Relief
Plum & Violet - Calming
Vanilla - Natural Aphrodisiac

creation notes

Soul-Wizards' Secret Blend of waxes infused with Selenite
(with spiritual protective properties).

Essential & Eco Fragrance Oils

Air-Purifying Hemp wick

Burns for 75+ hours!

meet the chandlers

Keeping the 2000 year old craft of magical candle making alive!


Potions of Quality

Long Burning + Real Crystals + Toxic Free + Hemp Wick + Treasures Inside + Hand-Crafted + Unique Aromas

A Soul Reading

Post your finds on Instagram or FB & Tag the #soulwizard for a candle reading of your Journey.

A Percent to Charity

A portion of every candle is donated to make the World a better place.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3385 reviews
Marta Stone (Scott Depot, US)
I can’t say enough good things about this company.

This is definitely the most unique candle experience I’ve ever had! I truly didn’t think it could be this fun & relaxing. Not only does this candle burn FOREVER, but picking out the gems is my favorite part. I started with the zodiac candles and fell in love, then These bamboozle candles blew my mind!!!! You have no idea what you will get & I love the surprise element. They colors are gorgeous. It reminds me of art truly! I know that any candle I get I will be satisfied bc they are so cool & creative. They all feel different, special, and personalized. You can tell they put a lot of work in these candles. The smell is also very different than your average candle. It smells more purifying & earthy & is strong enough. THE CRYSTALS ARE BEAUTIFUL. I would recommend this to anyone! Worth every penny. Customer for life now 🤪

Audry N. (Corvallis, US)
One of my favorite purchases!

I got a piece of raw moldavite, a rose quartz oval ring, tumbled rainbow fluorite and a small piece of silver pyrite. Freja, (who also first contacted me through this candle) loves this candle too! I will definitely be getting another:)

Amanda Martin (Colorado Springs, US)

My spouse and kids got me this for my birthday. It smells amazing and the melted wax is beautiful. Can’t wait to see what surprises it has.

H.H. (Escondido, US)

This candle was so Beautiful. My house hold does not likes strong smells and it was not to strong but fills my room.

Sean (Fernandina Beach, US)
Bamboozle-Cinnamon Apple

I would have never expected this and I was super suprised how amazing it smells and getting a crystal 2 hours into burning