Sea Salt + Atlantis Flower

East - Spirit Animal Candle

If you're being called to the spirit of the East, blessings are beginning to manifest. They may be in the form of relationships, money, or spiritual gifts. Now is the time to strike on a new job opportunity, open your first business, or tell that certain someone how you really feel.

Inside this East candle a spirit guide awaits, ready to give you insight into your journey to the Eastern seas, of new beginnings & unfoldment.

Scented with aromatic notes of the High Salty Seas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Cecil Lloyd (Winter Springs, US)

Completely happy with our candle as always! Thank you

Adeva Jennings (Arlington, US)
Best scent ever

I love love love my candles. They burn so well and the smell fills my whole room and even the hallway. I could not be more happy with my purchase.

Juliana Cagnina (Amsterdam, US)

- East -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle

Briekaylynn Russell (St Louis, US)
Spirit animal

The candle smell was nice my only issue is that it came with 1 crystal and 1 pendant. I didn’t read carefully I guess and I would’ve liked the other candles you have with like 4 crystals but that’s my fault...other than that the candle smelled amazing

Myriah hi (Olympia, US)

A pleasure as always ❤❤ ive been buying for three years. Over 30 candles❤❤❤ and will always be apart of the fam