North - Spirit Animal Candle

If you're being called to the spirit of the North, it may be time for some deep reflection. Take a few days off and go camping, or find a tiny home on Airbnb to escape to. When we're always buried in our work, craft, or art, we lose sight of the big picture, and creative insight begins to wane. 

Inside this North candle a spirit guide awaits, ready to give you insight into your journey to the Northern regions, of consciousness and being.

Scented with aromatic notes of the Great Piney North.

Customer Reviews

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Christina (Raleigh, US)
North - Spirit Animal Candle

Very lightly scented, and has been noted, yes -- there will be a considerable amount of wax left over when done burning. (I chopped it up & have it all stored in a plastic storage bag to use in my wax melter). My mystery animal? An octopus. Not quite what I expected, but makes sense as I'm a mom & wife & work full time -- constantly juggling! Approx 5 crystals -- the most that I've gotten in any candle from this company -- with a really nice tiger's eye sphere. Of all of the several candles that I have tried, this has probably been my favorite.

georgene czachor (Spring Hill, US)

I love these 2 candles.

Krissi H ‍♀️ (Siloam Springs, US)
Smelled great!!!

The scent was amazing, however once the candle was burned down I saw that I only received 1 spirit animal and 1 gem. That’s okay, it’s just less than I expected :) candle lasts a few days!

Natalia Sooter (San Francisco, US)

They are good candles, but since it’s a pyramid, there is a lot of left over wax once the wick is burned all the way down.

Rachael Williams` (Denver, US)

Loved the smell but sad there are only 2 items.... and the drama around the company recently