- South -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- South -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- South -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- South -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- South -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle

- South -
Spirit of the Wild Candle

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If you're being called to the spirit of the South, the joy of Summers Sun wants to shine upon you. Gratitude is the stepping stone to true happiness, and a daily ritual of invoking an "attitude of gratitude" is a sure way to bring enlightenment upon yourself and others.

Inside this South candle a spirit guide awaits, ready to give you insight in on your journey to the Southern Hills, of deep connection & basking light.

Scented with aromatic notes of the Green Herb Fields.

Customer Reviews

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Scent is fabulous and candle is beautiful!

Strong scent

I have several of these candles and I do prefer stronger scented ones but this one is a bit too sweet smelling for my liking. The spirit animal charms are really cool but I only got two items in this candle ... my favorite part is discovering what’s inside so the more the better ... but still love it as I do all of their products!

Love, Love, Love

I must say I love my candle! It smells so good & so far I have burnt it for 60+ hours & it still smells amazing! Only complaint is, I wish I knew what stone I have recieved in my candle & the spirit animal meaning. Cannot wait to use my other candle after this one is done burning.

Beautiful Candles

I really enjoy the scent of these candles and I cannot wait to give the second one I purchased to my friend. The extra crystal and incense were a delightful surprise and I cannot wait to see what I find inside my candle. I have already burnt it for some time but it looks like it’ll be a few more burns before I discover the spirit animal hiding inside. I’m definitely keen to get another candle in the future. Thank you to Luna for crafting my two for me :3

I will just say, unfortuanately I don’t respond well to the intensity of incense so I won’t be able to use it. But I have a friend who will love it.