- West -<br>Spirit Animal Candle
- West -<br>Spirit Animal Candle
- West -<br>Spirit Animal Candle
- West -<br>Spirit Animal Candle
- West -<br>Spirit Animal Candle
- West -<br>Spirit Animal Candle

- West -
Spirit Animal Candle

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If you're being called to the spirit of the West, a deep change is ready to happen. Letting go of certain individuals, situations, or even grudges is in order for the next step in your spiritual evolution. Until we let go of one thing, another cannot be.

Inside this West candle a spirit animal awaits, ready to give you insight on your journey to the Western Desert, of transformation.

Scented with aromatic notes of the Deserts Dusk.

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Loyal Customer for Life!

My second time ordering candles from here, my friend and I exchanged zodiac ones for Christmas last year and I purchased two more two weeks ago. They look and smell amazing, I received my spirit animal from my West candle last night and it was so relevant to my life right now. Not to mention they smell amazing! If you're looking for an amazing gift for yourself or someone else I would definitely suggest buying as many of these as you can afford! 😂

Best. Candle. Ever!

I can’t say enough to how much I love this candle and everything that came with it. It smells yummy, it has awesome surprises in it, and it came with cool extras! When it’s lit, the whole house smells amazing and the living room still smells like it even when it isn’t lit. While they are a little expensive, they are well worth it and quite large. I will definitely be purchasing from Soul Terra again!!!


Just wanted to say you guys made my sons day! He has the biggest smile ever! Thank you

I have to get this one again!!!!

Amazing sent amazing energy just ugh sooo amazing

I'm in love

Love both of the candles. They're both beautifully crafted. And the fragrance notes are so lovely.