Emerald ψ MONARCH <br><small>Gemstone Candle</small>
Emerald ψ MONARCH <br><small>Gemstone Candle</small>
Emerald ψ MONARCH <br><small>Gemstone Candle</small>
Emerald ψ MONARCH <br><small>Gemstone Candle</small>
Mahogany & Jasmine

Emerald ψ MONARCH
Gemstone Candle

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How were the first king & queen elected? The tribe has a leader. It must. One must be selected as the channel to something higher. As the others believe, his faith is amplified, and new energy is accessed. This is the true meaning of monarch.

Used by kings & noble women since the dark ages. Tthe rich green Emerald is whispered to promote wisdom and clairvoyance to its holder.
It opens the heart line and allows for deep and meaningful communication to the divine..

Each Gemstone Candle has a unique stone inside to help you manifest the eyes of wisdom, and discover the Truth of your Soul.

Scented with a Mahogany Spice top note followed by a Jasmine undertone.

*Plate sold separately

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It’s so unique and smelled so good!

Kylie from TikTok

I f**king love this candle!

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Best purchase I’ve ever made

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