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The Monkey - Chinese Zodiac Candle

Inventive, original, intelligent, resourceful.

Those born in the Year of the Monkey are overly energetic and witty. Their strong personalities can sometimes be a lot to handle, but they always have the best intentions. They thrive in stimulating situations and like to accept challenges.

In each candle is a Monkey brass animal and one specially selected crystal to enhance the Metal element of the unique Monkey.

Scented with Bamboo, Lime, Chrysanthemum, and Aloe.

Customer Reviews

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Customer (Indianapolis, US)

The Monkey - Chinese Zodiac Candle

Greg (Chula Vista, US)
Bitchen Candles!

I absolutely love the smell of my monkey candle! It burns so long and doesn’t over power the house with its aroma it is lovely!!! Can’t wait to get another one once I burn this one🥰 oh and can some one tell me what type of crystal that is?!

Marcia Wray (Hamilton, US)

The candle is cute but the wax goes everywhere when it's melted. You need something more than the plate it comes with. We had wax everywhere.