Back 2 Wizerd School

Back 2 Wizerd School


"The day will one day come that you'll realize the entire universe is inside of you.
That is the day you become a real magician.
As a magician you do not live in the World, the World lives in you.
All that you seek is already within, you just haven't seen it within you yet."

Magic is a choice.

Are you rushing in your car, taking the long yellow bus, the normie train?

Or are you riding in your space ship? A time machine? Platform 9¾?

The Back 2 Wizerd School Box is all about igniting the magic within us this season. The aromatics conjure up a fantasy World & remind us to use that inner vision & see the World as we wish.


Included inside this smelly box are 1 of 2 wizardly pyramid candles, scented like the two famous wizard tales: Witches Socks and Merlins Beard...


A crystal wand to help you start manifesting what you want to see around you. Just point & swish and announce it to be so!


and finally a face soap made with real clove to give you protection on those spell crafty days.


The Story of the Smells

Merlin's Beard smells like his library, a bit of cognac, and an old wooden pipe.

Witches Socks smells like an old clove bush & her grandmothers apples.

What's included?

  • One of Two Back 2 Wizerds School Candles.
  • Manifest Magic Facial soap from the high priestess at ZuZu Naturals
  • Hand-Crafted Crystal Wand
  • Other Magical Back 2 School Surprises


NOTE: This box will be ready to ship Oct. 1st!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1547 reviews
Customer (Westfield, US)
Absolutely amazing!

I love everything that I got, and they smell really great!

Chrissy and Mark (Orlando, US)

Awesome smell
Beautiful art work

Cathy Glassner (Murrieta, US)

I ordered this candle after my parent's passing last year and recent move to their home. Upon my FIRST LIGHTING, I experienced a true cleansing, light energy, and healing! I thank you once again for the love and light put into your products
Cathy from SoCal

Coleen Weaver (New Port Richey, US)
Dragons Blood


Joe Geesey (York, US)

Can’t beat these candles. They are the ultimate gift for any candle lover. They look and smell amazing.