CAPRICORN <br><small>ambition + focus</small>
capricorn crystals
CAPRICORN <br><small>ambition + focus</small>
CAPRICORN <br><small>ambition + focus</small>
CAPRICORN <br><small>ambition + focus</small>
CAPRICORN <br><small>ambition + focus</small>
CAPRICORN <br><small>ambition + focus</small>
CAPRICORN <br><small>ambition + focus</small>
Smells Like Pan's Forest

ambition + focus

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This grounding earth sign is known for its ambition & focus.

The Soul-Terra Capricorn candle is crafted with a powerful blend of Selenite wax (used for its protective properties) & natural essential oil blend scent (Cedar + Jasmine).

Inside discover crystals for the Capricorn zodiac to help drive focus & priorities into their life.

dr. drip

Who is Dr. Dr!p?
Dr!p is the shadow of the Soul  Wizard. He awakens when others fall asleep. He creates intoxicating aromas & brilliantly mad candles, and usually leaves a mess.


The shadow side of the psyche is all of those secret beliefs we perceive about ourselves that we think are negative. 

These "shadow" zodiacs are to be lit w/ caution; they may show you sides of yourself you didn't even know you had.

Worry not; let your inner flame guide you to your highest self.
As Dr. Dr!p always says:

"The brighter the light, the darker the shadow."

December 22 - Janurary 19

capricorn horoscope

The great Capricornus was entrusted to raise the almighty Zeus -
hence the desire to obtain positions of power.

It was no easy task though, having to do so in a cold dark cave to protect him from Cronos -
thus Capricorns can survivie harsh circumstances.

The Titans later attacked Zeus, and only the skin of the indestructible Capricornus could protect him, so he/she sacraficed their self to make Zeus invulnerable,
thus Capricorns are said to be rigid & wear emotional armor.

To show his gratitude, Zeus took their horns & filled them flowers & fruit, a symbol of prosperity,
so Capricorns are often successful in their endeavors because they are not afraid to sacrafice.

Ambitious | Realistic | Reliable | Loyal

The magic is within

Capricorn Crystals

Discover: Crytals/Rings/Runes/Amulets for the CAPRICORN

Post your finds on Instagram/Facebook & receive a free Horoscope reading

Earth goddess scent

Citrus & Eucalyptus - Energizer
Oakmoss & Jasmine - Stress Relief
Cedar & Smoke - Mood Enhancer

creation notes

Soul-Wizards' Secret Blend of waxes infused with Selenite
(with spiritual protective properties).

Essential & Eco Fragrance Oils

Air-Purifying Hemp wick

Burns for 75+ hours!

meet the chandlers

Cheryl brings magic to life with each hand-crafted candle

real humans wrote these

It’s so unique and smelled so good!

Kylie from TikTok

I f**king love this candle!

Bronte from Portland

Best purchase I’ve ever made

Cheyenne from TikTok

Customer Reviews

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Paige Meyer (Sanford, US)

Love these products!! Made an excellent gift for my partner.

Melissa Flack (Sydney, AU)
Soul terra Sagittarius candle

Soulterra never disappoints it was the best Chrissy present and smelled amazing 🤩
I love my own Leo candle

Lucienne Birk (Hamburg, DE)
Echt schön

(German ) die Kerze kamm zwar verspätet an, aber riechen tut sie stark. Ich hatte die mit dem sternzeichen jungfrau.
Für mich riecht sie nach Männer shampoo oder parfüm.
Zu den Kristallen bin ich noch nicht vorgedrungen. Ich weiß aber durch eine Freundin das da schöne drin sein werden.

Im großen und ganzen eine tolle Kerze :D

Tabitha M. (Cumming, US)
Mystery candle surprise

Very nice jade green candle, has light clean scent.

Marta Stone (Scott Depot, US)
I can’t say enough good things about this company.

This is definitely the most unique candle experience I’ve ever had! I truly didn’t think it could be this fun & relaxing. Not only does this candle burn FOREVER, but picking out the gems is my favorite part. I started with the zodiac candles and fell in love, then These bamboozle candles blew my mind!!!! You have no idea what you will get & I love the surprise element. They colors are gorgeous. It reminds me of art truly! I know that any candle I get I will be satisfied bc they are so cool & creative. They all feel different, special, and personalized. You can tell they put a lot of work in these candles. The smell is also very different than your average candle. It smells more purifying & earthy & is strong enough. THE CRYSTALS ARE BEAUTIFUL. I would recommend this to anyone! Worth every penny. Customer for life now 🤪