CEDAR HEALING <br> healing + restore
CEDAR HEALING <br> healing + restore
CEDAR HEALING <br> healing + restore
CEDAR HEALING <br> healing + restore
CEDAR HEALING <br> healing + restore

healing + restore

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The distinct aroma of Cedar is instantly calming, relaxing, and brings back a memory of peacefulness in the deep woods. The ancients used Cedar to heal, both the heart and mind. We crafted this using real cedar and herbs, essential oils, and natural hemp wick to bring those healing vibes your way.


  • Herbal candle crafted with real Cedar & herbs
  • Inside discover 2-4 healing crystal stones, amulets, or Runes


Chandlers notes:
Made from natural essential oils & Pthalate-free ingredients
A unique blend of 3 premium waxes
infused with Selenite for Protection
Natural Hemp Wick
Burns for 75+ hours
Includes candle holder 

Customer Reviews

Based on 168 reviews

While the smell could have been a bit stronger for me, I still loved every bit of it. It was always relaxing when I would burn it, but in a productive way. With my experience it does burn hot and can make the room feel hot. Overall, incredible and I have bought 2 other candles since this one. The Cedar candle was a brilliant starter candle!


The smell of the Cedar reminds me of pine a little bit! The finds are always so fun. These candles are the best!

Love love love 💘 💗 💕

I am 100% addicted to these candles. I have not had one that I didn't like!

Happiness, Joy, & Peacefulness

My husband waited for an hour to try to get me a candle and with luck he did! When Christmas arrived I unwrapped my square box & instantly knew what it was! I was screeching with pure happiness when I pulled out the most beautiful candle I’ve ever laid eyes on. The aroma coming from the Cedar candle was pleasantly strong and the color is gorgeous! It lasts a long time and melts evenly. I couldn’t wait to see what crystals I got! Hands down the best gift I have ever received and I can’t wait to order another one.

Absolutely stunning

This was a special Christmas present for my daughter. When she opened the gift and saw the candle she burst into tears and was so excited and happy. The smell was amazing and the crystals inside were so pretty!