death do us part

each of us has an aura. a unique etheric scent that is unique to us. scent comes in layers, just like we do. the top note, or how we think we seem to others, follows the heart, how we are really perceived by others followed by the base, or essence. 

when we find the one, we will know by the way they smell. when two chemistries align, a new third scent is created: the smell of love.

“YIN” is scented with ash, mahogany, dark musk. 
“YANG” is scented with blossoming flowers, light airy notes, and a tinge of sweet berries. 

Discover a crystal arrow inside that points to an auspicious symbol within the relationship: one to heal it or bring it new depths of love  


Customer Reviews

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Matthew Henry (Toronto, CA)
Great Smell

Candles were great, loved the smell! I wish there were some way to know just how many charms and trinkets were in the candle. My girlfriend wants to keep the remnants of her candles but isnt sure whether more is inside or not! All in all fantastic candles regardless!

Kaitlyn J (Flagstaff, US)

Love these, they smell great and look amazing