LAVENDER SAGE <br>relaxing + calm
LAVENDER SAGE <br>relaxing + calm
LAVENDER SAGE <br>relaxing + calm
LAVENDER SAGE <br>relaxing + calm
LAVENDER SAGE <br>relaxing + calm
LAVENDER SAGE <br>relaxing + calm

relaxing + calm

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The days are getting longer. Work, school, kids. It's that time when your ready to just forget all of that and Be Here Now. Find something you love to do: drawing, music,'s your time. Light up this pyramid of relaxation & let the stressful sh*t go.


  • Crafted with real lavender & sage herbs
  • Inside discover 2-3 calming crystal stones


Chandlers notes:
Made from natural essential oils & Pthalate-free ingredients
A unique blend of 3 premium waxes
infused with Selenite
Natural Hemp Wick
Burns for 75+ hours
Includes candle holder 

Customer Reviews

Based on 267 reviews
Great Candle

I LOVE THIS CANDLE SO MUCH. I've always been drawn to lavender and love the scent. The lavender sage burned beautifully and smelled wonderful. I loved my gems as well. A word from the wise. The wax tray will overflow so be sure to empty it between burnings. I forgot and it accidentally overflowed!

I love my candle

The smell is light not overwhelming. ❤️ They also have a nice burn time.

Love it

Love this candle. I had the awsome smell of lavender throughout my house not to mention the awsome crystals in it. I will be ordering again when your stocked again.


When I walk by this candle and the light scent hits me it just make me SMILE!
1-Smells amazing even when its not burning!
2-Smells amazing when it is burning!!
3-My husband has not complained about it one time!!!
Candle goals have been reached.

There was a malfunction

Upon receiving my candle I lit it because it smelled so good. After only about 2 hours of burn time I looked and there was wax all over my table. I blew out the flame and inspected where the wax was coming from. It looked like a small crack on the side had formed. There wasn’t any wind and the flame wasn’t moving around. Half of my candle was all over my table. I’m wondering if it was dropped or it was made in a rush. I love the smell of this candle and the crystals I got but I’m so bummed about what happened.