calming + soothe


100+ Hour Burn TimeDiscover 3-5 ItemsHand-Crafted with beeswax, plant oils, & SeleniteTarot Cards insideRe-usable PinOrganic Hemp Wick

Crafted with real herbs, the lavender in this candle will help you take a deep breath and live in the current moment.

Close your eyes, relax your shoulders, and take a deep breath in. Now imagine the soothing scent of lavender, the warm glow of a small yet powerful flame. Visualize the stress and anxiety drifting away, peace and clarity taking their place. 

Pure Essential Oils | Dried Lavender | Selenite Wax

Crystals | Runes | Amulets


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Customer Reviews

Based on 1610 reviews
Sarah Draughn
Powerful and beautiful

I love adding these candles to my spiritual practice. I love the mystery box because it always seems to resonate with exactly what I need. Great job!

Angelina Pastrana (Sarasota, US)
Wonderful candles

I bought these candles for a friend, and she loves them!

Bailey C (Detroit, US)
LOVE this candle & scent!

I’ve ordered this exact candle twice now. The smell and throw is just lovely, and the esthetic is perfect! Once it burns down I’ll be ordering yet again :)

TamaCimm (Los Angeles, US)
Tarot Candle

I loved the tarot box. It was fun. I like these candles a lot because there’s mystical and spiritual component to them.

I got a lot of fun trinkets in this candle, but MY ONLY NEGATIVE FEEDBACK IS: I must say, that for such a big candle at a big price, the tidbits you find could be higher quality or, frankly more numerous. The gems are fairly common and easy to find, and I can’t find a .925 on any of my silver. I found that some of the older candles purchased at a discount seemed to have more trinkets in them. When you buy a bamboozle candle, I’m surprised when I find a few trinkets in them— but when you’re purchasing a candle at $100, you should either find a number of cool trinkets or a really nice piece of sterling silver— perhaps a few.

There’s a bath bomb/ candle company that designs candles— which come in reusable vases, coffee cups, uses very good natural wax, creates really themed sterling silver rings or jewelry with Swarovski crystals or natural stones, that you can purchase for under $50. It doesn’t have the mystique and intention properties of soul Terra, and the candles aren’t as big. But, the mystery of the mystery candle for many is THE MYSTERIES YOU FIND. You want to feel excited and satisfied after burning one. Not disappointed.

All in All, the Soul Terra candles are beautiful, fun, intentional. The story behind SoulTerra is special and really great. I’ve had good dealings with their customer service so far. I like the monthly box and will continue to purchase it. Please add more cool goodies in all candles!! The pic is of two recently burned candles and goodies I’ve collected over 4 or 5 candles.

Zoe (Pittsboro, US)
Smells amazing and lasts forever!

This is the second year in a row that I have purchased candles from your website as a gift, they are always such a huge hit and smell amazing! Such a fun gift to give