- North -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- North -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- North -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- North -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- North -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- North -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle

- North -
Spirit of the Wild Candle

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If you're being called to the spirit of the North, it may be time for some deep reflection. Take a few days off and go camping, or find a tiny home on airBnb to escape to. When we're always buried in our work, craft, or art, we lose sight of the big picture, and creative insight begins to wane. 

Inside this North candle a spirit guide awaits, ready to give you insight in on your journey to the Northern regions, of consciousness and being.

Scented with aromatic notes of the Great Piney North..

Customer Reviews

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Candle was nice just a little disappointed.

I loved the smell of the candle and it was pretty. However, the plate it came with arrived cracked in half. And I know/ items inside are a surprise but they are overhyped. I receive my animal figure and 1 black rock. I understood it could be only 2 items, just disappointed it wasn’t more for how expensive. I won’t be buying another candle.


I’m so over the moon happy with my purchase from Soul Terra! Only downside was having to wake up at 6:30am every Wednesday until I got one but well worth it!!!

Spirit of the wild NORTH

I was finally able to score a spirit animal candle and it did not disappoint. It smelled amazing. I absolutely love these candles. Here’s the bunny I got from it 💖🥰🤗

The North is Calling

My North Spirit Animal Candle has such a grounding and calming scent! I am ready for some guidance and can’t wait to see my spirit animal! :)