ROSE SAGE <br> protection + crystals
ROSE SAGE <br> protection + crystals
ROSE SAGE <br> protection + crystals
ROSE SAGE <br> protection + crystals

protection + crystals

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Crafted from grandma's candle spell recipe, we brought it back to life with a little touch of our own. Pink salt has long been used for emitting strong positive energy& our signature brew of Lavender & Dragons Blood will repel those - negative vibes.

"salt cures just about anything ~ tears, sweat, or the sea." [Grandma Terra's notebook]

Measures 41⁄4 x 41⁄4" and includes white plate.

Customer Reviews

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Love these candles!

I love these candles so much, I’ve bought 3 the past month! The candle smells amazing and the crystals are just an added bonus. I’m a forever customer now! I forgot to take a picture of my black protection candle because I was so excited to use it! Here’s a picture of my rose candle I got the first time!

Tried and True Favorite!

These candles are wonderful! They smell beautiful and will always be a staple for this household!

What a treat!

I’m loving my purchases so far, I have only burned my rose sage candle so far and it’s just wonderful. I’m excited to discover the treasures within. They also sent me a delicious incense cone that filled my house with a beautiful sent! It didn’t say what type it was but I’d love to get some more as they are simply heavenly.

First Soul Terra Purchase

Its a little expensive cause I have to pay and extra 20 bucks for it to come to Canada. however I love the product and Crystal's I recieved. When I can afford to I will 100% be buying plenty more . thanks

My !st SoulTerra Candle

Oh my, this is my 1st purchase of your candles & it won’t be my last. The scent was like no other & to have the crystals & extras like the sage & matches were a nice extra. I will def be ordering more & I’m going to be using the wax that didn’t burn in my wax burner camping because the scent Paulo Santo is said to help with mosquitoes so it will be a added extra to take with us & Enjoy!! Thank you so much for having such a awesome candle & product!!