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SAGITTARIUS Crystal Candle

100+ Hour Burn TimeDiscover 3-5 ItemsHand-Crafted with beeswax, plant oils, & SeleniteTarot Cards insideRe-usable PinOrganic Hemp Wick

| November 23 – December 21 |

Ruling Planets: Jupiter

Element: Fire

Compatible Signs: Leo, Aries, Libra, Aquarius

Ruling House: 9th House, "House of Purpose"

Scent Inspiration: The spontaneous trip they booked because someone mentioned traveling there the prior weekend.

Sagittarius's see the glass as, "half-full." They are the optimists of the world.  The mutable fire sign is symbolized by the centaur, a half-man, half-horse that wields a bow and arrow. A Sagittarius will go wherever their arrow lands with an unquenchable thirst for travel and adventure. Their straightforward optimism and love of new experiences can lead them to feeling trapped or frustrated by mundane routines. Sagittarius people are very fun-loving, always laughing even at themselves. They are also known for being direct, but will admit that they are very blunt. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, good luck, miracles, and spiritual wisdom rules over this sign. You will never find yourself without something to do when you have a Sagittarius as a friend.

Sagittarius is the sign that rules over the 9th house-- "House of Purpose." This house centers around the study of religion, philosophy, and higher education. It also deals with long distance travel legal matters. This energy is prime for all manifestations with dealings in these areas of life.

Our line of zodiac candles amplifies the unique, harmonious qualities that each sign possesses. It is not the candle alone that constitutes the magic needed to bring manifestations to fruition, but our use of sacred scents that generate an olfactory frequency. These scents transcend lifetimes, unlocking memories passed down from generations of our ancestors.

A zodiac candle is an excellent gift for birthdays or other special occasions. It is also excellent for candle magic, which is one of the most accessible forms of spell work to do. Reaching objectives in multiple areas of life can be facilitated by making use of the energies that correspond with each zodiac sign. As the candle burns, the corresponding crystal inside each candle will become visible. You can add this crystal to your collection.

Using the zodiac candle for candle magic is simple. You can choose the appropriate candle based on your astrological sign or by choosing the astrological house that relates closest to your goal. First, decide what your goal is. Then, you must visualize the end result of of your desire. Light your candle and meditate on your desire as though you've already obtained it. Once you have shifted your energy and feel free of any doubt in regards to your goal, either blow out the candle or keep it lit and enjoy its inspiring scent.


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Customer Reviews

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Syd (Atlanta, US)
The scents aren't consistent

I've ordered two of the Aries candles.
I ordered the second one because I loved the smell of the first one so much I cut up the remaining wax to use as melts, but the second one had a scent so different I just carved out the crystals instead of actually burning it.
It wasn't a bad smell at all and I actually got more things from it than expected, but I was really disappointed to discover how inconsistent their scents are.


So fresh and clean am so excited!

TamaCimm (Los Angeles, US)
Waiting to give to daughter as a gift

It looks beautiful and so far the Aquarius, Leo and Sag have been beautiful.


I feel like the candles used to have less “junk?” Inside. I would prefer just rocks/crystals over the paper tarot card and broken costume jewelry/rings. Also my wick is used up but there is a lot of candle left. Do I add more wicks or just break apart and put in a wax melt to finish?


This product is amazing. The fragrance, the color, everything about it is just fantastic.