TAURUS <br><small>grounding + power</small>
TAURUS <br><small>grounding + power</small>
TAURUS <br><small>grounding + power</small>
TAURUS <br><small>grounding + power</small>
TAURUS <br><small>grounding + power</small>

grounding + power

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April 20 - May 21

taurus horoscope

In the myth, the Taurus falls in love with a beautiful & powerful God, who turns itself into a white bull with glowing horns, the beauty & mildness making quite the impression, and the Taurus rides on the back of the Bull into the sea -
hence Taurus calm & docile nature, until struck with passion, which gives rise to their strength & determination.

After arriving to an Island, the God leaves and Taurus marries the King and spends the days roaming in the beautiful nature -
thus Taurus loves pleasures of the 5 sins & basking in the wild.

Like the bull that works calmly in the fields, the Taurus tends to be slow and has no hurry to obtain what they long for.

Gentle | Productive | Stubborn

The magic is within

Discover: Crytals/Rings/Runes/Amulets for the TAURUS

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Earth goddess scent

Citrus & Eucalyptus - Energizer
Oakmoss & Jasmine - Stress Relief
Cedar & Smoke - Mood Enhancer

creation notes

Soul-Wizards' Secret Blend of waxes infused with Selenite
(with spiritual protective properties).

Essential & Eco Fragrance Oils

Air-Purifying Hemp wick

Burns for 75+ hours!

meet the chandlers

Liz & Cheryl bring magic to life with each hand-crafted candle

real humans wrote these

It’s so unique and smelled so good!

Kylie from TikTok

I f**king love this candle!

Bronte from Portland

Best purchase I’ve ever made

Cheyenne from TikTok

Customer Reviews

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Torsten Nörenberg (Gudow, DE)
Very pretty however..

The candles themselves are amazingly pretty. I live in Germany though and had to pay a high shipping fee. Sadly both of the plates were broken and one candle was bend up in certain places. They are still beautiful and worth keeping. But regarding to the high price it still kinda upsets me.

AnnMarie Cipriano (Jacksonville, US)
2nd Cancer Candle, I’m addicted!

The aroma of this candle is truly amazing. I’ve done thousands of candles and this is by far one of my very favorites. The combination of sense is truly beautiful.

Stephanie Holmes (Milford, US)
Beautiful, but was expecting more..

This candle is very pretty and it smells wonderful! However, I was expecting the smell to be a lot stronger while lit, but it doesn’t smell that strong at all. I also noticed that this candle is bigger than the candles I have purchased before, but it didn’t have very many crystals inside at all. I was disappointed because for the price they are asking for these candles I was expecting that the candle would at least have 4 to 6 crystals, but I only had 2 and a pendant. With all the videos of these candles on TikTok I was expecting more from them. Now I did purchased this candle on sale, and that could be why I received less items in my candle than the ones I’ve seen on TikTok but I’m still disappointed.

Jack (Jacksonville, US)
Love it!

I got my candle as a birthday gift and have been burning it for a few evenings in a row! The air element scent is pretty and not overpowering, and the way the candle widens toward the bottom makes it so the candle is lit from within. So pretty :) I haven’t reached my crystals yet but I’m excited to see what I get!

Kate VanReeth (Minneapolis, US)
Taurus and Pisces

My roommate and I absolutely loved our candles we even got the matching mermaid pendant