TAURUS <br><small>grounding + power</small>
TAURUS <br><small>grounding + power</small>
TAURUS <br><small>grounding + power</small>
TAURUS <br><small>grounding + power</small>
TAURUS <br><small>grounding + power</small>

grounding + power

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This grounding earth sign is known for it's bull-headedness & reliability.

The Soul-Terra Taurus candle is crafted with a powerful blend of Selenite wax (used for it's protective properties) & natural essential oil blend scent (Cedar + Jasmine).

Inside discover crystals for the Taurus zodiac to help illuminate their strong will-power & calming natures.

April 20 - May 21

taurus horoscope

In the myth, the Taurus falls in love with a beautiful & powerful God, who turns itself into a white bull with glowing horns, the beauty & mildness making quite the impression, and the Taurus rides on the back of the Bull into the sea -
hence Taurus calm & docile nature, until struck with passion, which gives rise to their strength & determination.

After arriving to an Island, the God leaves and Taurus marries the King and spends the days roaming in the beautiful nature -
thus Taurus loves pleasures of the 5 sins & basking in the wild.

Like the bull that works calmly in the fields, the Taurus tends to be slow and has no hurry to obtain what they long for.

Gentle | Productive | Stubborn

The magic is within

Taurus Crystals

Discover: Crytals/Rings/Runes/Amulets for the TAURUS

Post your finds on Instagram/Facebook & receive a free Horoscope reading

Earth goddess scent

Citrus & Eucalyptus - Energizer
Oakmoss & Jasmine - Stress Relief
Cedar & Smoke - Mood Enhancer

creation notes

Soul-Wizards' Secret Blend of waxes infused with Selenite
(with spiritual protective properties).

Essential & Eco Fragrance Oils

Air-Purifying Hemp wick

Burns for 75+ hours!

meet the chandlers

Cheryl brings magic to life with each hand-crafted candle

real humans wrote these

It’s so unique and smelled so good!

Kylie from TikTok

I f**king love this candle!

Bronte from Portland

Best purchase I’ve ever made

Cheyenne from TikTok

Customer Reviews

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Chelsey (Dawson Creek, CA)
Beautiful candles

Beautiful candles, haven't got around to buring it yet since I bought 3 different ones for each family member at home and started with one at a time. Can not wait to see what crystals we get.

Steph D (New York, US)
Amazing experience

I had such an amazing time with this candle!!! I lit it every night for 2-4 hours and the smell alone made this purchase so worth but the discoveries of the crystals were that much better!!! I received all beautiful big crystals in this candle. I wish I had ruins or jewelry pieces but I am buying another as well!!! My only complaint would be a wish they enclosed a key with the candle that identifies the crystals they put in your candle marked with a “do not peak” label. It would’ve made it so much better if I could identify some of my crystals and how they help my zodiac sign! ❤️

Amanda Dengler (Lancaster, US)

Beautifully crafted with the right scents, loved the crystals that came in it. Even after burning to the wick, it still smells amazing.

Katy Najar (Spanaway, US)
I have never been so happy with candles!

Just as the title says. I have never been so happy and excited for candles. I got three of the Bamboozle candles and they all look and smell amazing! The burn is lasting for a long time( or it could be that I’m being impatient! 😂) the mystery wax melts are to die for. The smell of them made me drool! I have already recommended a witchy friend of mine to get her hands on some. Blue your box artwork is hanging on my children’s wall they love the dragon!

Daphne Parks (North Richland Hills, US)
Every time

I can’t express how much me and my daughters and friends (I’ve purchased for as gifts), love every product. My daughter bought her first bamboozle candle after seeing 3 of mine and the smell of the last one made her make her first purchase. And damn!! She got a pink one!!! Smells
So Good. I’m jealous.
Anyways. Love you guys and always the props to the one who draws on the inside packaging box. That MADE my day. 😙