West - Spirit Animal Candle

If you're being called to the spirit of the West, a deep change is ready to happen. Letting go of certain individuals, situations, or even grudges is in order for the next step in your spiritual evolution. Until we let go of one thing, another cannot be.

Inside this West candle a spirit guide awaits, ready to give you insight on your journey to the Western Desert, of transformation.

Scented with aromatic notes of the Desert Cactus Blooms at Dusk.

Customer Reviews

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Gillian Jackson (Los Angeles, US)
Wonderfully Wild but Oily

I was so excited for my order! I received 3 pyramid candles however this Spirit of the Wild is the only one I had issues with. The box was covered in oil stains. I burned this candle first and it was so greasy. I went to move the candle and it turned my hands red (it washed off easily) but it was alarming. The scent was extremely powerful and burned through super fast, so mine might have been defective but I still love the surprises inside!

Julisa Sanchez (Chula Vista, US)

Smells so good!

Laura (Port Orchard, US)
Smells Great but allergic.

It smells so good and I was so excited to burn it, but unfortunately, just sitting in the room not lit, I was terribly allergic to it. I gave it to my daughter. She was super excited.

Katie pletcher (Zanesville, US)

I absolutely love purchasing candles through you guys. Most recently I bought the spirit of the Wild West candle and a pride candle. Every candle I’ve ever received has been amazing and exceeds my expectations every time! They smell great and I love seeing what cute little surprises may be in my candle. So far I’ve had Penelope package my candles and they always do an amazing job! Thank you all for making such wonderful candles!! I WILL be purchasing more in the future!

Angela Chiaradia (East Rochester, US)

I’m burning this candle right now and I absolutely love it. I bought all four and smelled all of them as soon as I got them. They all smell amazing. I don’t know which is my favorite yet but I’m very pleased.