- West -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- West -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- West -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- West -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- West -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle
- West -<br>Spirit of the Wild Candle

- West -
Spirit of the Wild Candle

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If you're being called to the spirit of the West, a deep change is ready to happen. Letting go of certain individuals, situations, or even grudges is in order for the next step in your spiritual evolution. Until we let go of one thing, another cannot be.

Inside this West candle a spirit guide awaits, ready to give you insight on your journey to the Western Desert, of transformation.

Scented with aromatic notes of the Desert Cactus Blooms at Dusk.

Customer Reviews

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I love the candle, it smelled so good! I was expecting more crystals though, but it’s okay! I only got the wolf and a labradorite, and they’re beautiful.

Spirit of the west

I love it ! Yes paying 40 dollars for a candle is a little much but the quality of the candle, the packaging , and the little gifts they send is worth every penny. Don’t give up on trying to get one either they are worth it.

Spirit of the Wild West

If you’re looking for a unique gift for someone or for yourself Soulterra Candles are incredible. I was so lucky to snag a Spirit of the Wild West Candle for myself. I’m obsessed with how amazing it smells and I got the coolest finds from it.


I can’t explain how good this candle smelled, I would burn it and my mom wouldn’t leave my room because how amazing the smell is (I’m getting her one for Christmas). I can’t wait to try every single candle from Soul Terra, I already have another one ordered now!

Love it

Smells amazing, looks so beautiful, and I love the two little charms that I got inside the candle. I did not follow instructions (as I should have) and the candle burned straight down like a tunnel. So I had to chop up the rest of the pieces to make sure I didn’t miss any charms. Lesson learned! Make sure to let it burn 4 hours or more so it burns evenly.