A little reminder from the Universe

A little reminder from the Universe

Mar 19, 2018William Robinson

From our short story winner, @jewlz_julie:

In the past, I've had tarot card readings done, but I've never owned my own deck. That changed a few weeks back, when I decided to get a one from the Wild Unknown. I seen it at a mystic shop & fell in love.

For a few days I did not do anything with them. I browsed through the book, looked at the different cards (each is so unique and beautiful). That was about it. Then one day I found myself singing, "This little light of mine. I'm gonna let it shine...." All day the song was in my head. I even used that line as one of my IG captions.

That night I decide I am going to pull one card from the deck & see what message my guides had for me. There I was, on my bed crossed legged, & still singing "This little light of mine." As I shuffled I sang. Then I parted the cards & pulled the top card off the pile. It was the 10 of cups.

I quickly grab the description book, look up it's the meaning, and laughed. Part of the description read: you may feel as though light or color radiate from you. Almost as if you're shining! Whoa!! I was surprised!!! All day this song is in my head & then I get this card!! It made me feel happier & with a sense of, "Ok! I am on the right path!"

Stories like this remind us the ones Grandma Terra told us when we were just young seekers. Sometimes if we slow down a bit, and really notice our happenings, we can get clues as to the direction might best suit us, or even just little reminders, like this one, that we are not alone.

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  • Divine synchronicity!

    Steviee Heckscher

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