Crystal Meanings

Crystal Meanings

Jan 21, 2019Wm. Robinson
  • Citrine – Healing crystal - positivity

Well known for its healing potency and its capability to manifest abundance and prosperity. Its name was coined from the Greek word ‘Citron’, a citrus fruit which had a color similar to the earliest of these crystals found. Wearing the jewelry made from this yellow variety of quartz will help think more clearly, as their vibration energizes third eye chakra. It will also bring mental clarity and may precipitate an increase in spiritual vision.

  • Goldstone- Man-made – Protector of body’s energy center

This gem is considered as a protective stone that acts as the power creator capable of removing negative power and unwanted energies. It bestows on the wearer the ability to attain goals with less effort. It is a man-made colored glass that contains abundant, flat-faced, highly reflective inclusions. Also, it fits well with creative work and enhances your ability to embody images in your mind.

  • Fluorite- Highly protective - stabilizing stone

A powerful gemstone that is known for clearing negative energies from the aura. It is a fantastic mineral that grows in cubic crystals and its earliest uses date back to the ancient Egyptian and Chinese. It is prized for its glassy luster and rich variety of colors. Fluorite is useful for its metaphysical healing and protective properties on the mind, feelings, spirit and physical health.

  • Peacock ore- Rainbow stone - Happiness

Also known as Bornite. It is a stone of happiness and joy. It is believed to turn its bearers in positive directions while helping them channel happiness to others. In physical healing, it is used to stimulate adrenaline and encourage the production of calcium within the body. Peacock ore is also said to be a stone of rebirth and new beginnings, making it a popular stone in New moon rituals.

  • Opal- Color of fire- Amplifier

It amplifies traits, whether those traits are good or bad. It brings human characteristics to surface for transformation. The name Opal is thought to be a Greek derivative ‘Opallios’ meaning ‘to see a change of color.’ Opal is unique among gems, as it displays an array of very brilliant miniature rainbow iridescent effects, all mixed together. Because the stone is absorbent and reflective, it helps you to pick up thoughts and feelings, amplify them, and return them to their source. It is also a representative of justice and harmony, and is a protective stone in dangerous places.

  • Sunstone- Embodiment of warmth, strength, and vitality

This stone has a strong solar energy and it embodies the warmth strength and openness of the sun. In oriental cultures, Sunstone was known as a ‘phenomenal gem’ believed to bring good fortunes to the wearers. It is also regarded as an abundance stone that encourages independence and originality with the ability to attract fame and unexpected prosperity.

  • Howlite- The calming stone

Known as the stone of calmness, comfort, knowledge, memory, and progress. Some individuals believe that holding a piece of Howlite has the same effect as spending an hour at the spa because of its ability to relieve an overactive mind. For physical health, Howlite can help with the absorption of calcium into the bones and teeth

  • Turquoise- Truthful communication-crystal healing master stone

This gorgeous stone with its intriguing hue has the prestige of being the only gemstone with  a color named after it. The beautiful robin egg blue gemstone has been attributed with healing powers, promoting the wearer status while protecting them from evil. Also known for its unique vibration that resonates with the energy of truth. It can also benefit the whole body with special strengths in healing ailments of the immune, respiratory and skeletal systems.

  • Aventurine- Stone of opportunity

Esteemed for its good luck properties. It helps its bearers release old habits and patterns so they become ready for new opportunities and growth. The name aventurine is of an Italian origin ‘a ventura’ meaning ‘by chance’. Because of its color, aventurine is linked to the element of earth, and to the planet as a whole.  It proffers base for magnetizing new opportunities.

  •   Moonstone- Sensual- deeply feminine

As ancient as the moon itself, Moonstone holds the power of mystery. Its secrets are locked beneath a pearly veil, and with them, our own hidden truths. It has a tangible connection to the magic of the moon an amulet of protection for travelers, a gift of lovers for passion, a channel for prophecy, and a path to wisdom. The tranquility that the moonstone generates has a sensual, other-worldly quality to it; it is infused with an enchanting, soft glow of deep vitality and creative energy. Moonstone is a master healer for women; it brings soothing, healing, calm energy and helps regain your power and inner balance

  • Jasper – Absorber of negative energy- element of protection

An earth stone is known as the ‘supreme nurturer’. It bestows a feeling of tranquility and integrity, by providing warmth, nourishment, and protection to the wearer. A wide variety of jasper stones are found around the world, with distinct colors, varied properties, and uses. Jasper gemstones work wonders to bring peace and harmony in relationships. If kept in a room or office table, it will absorb all the negative energies surrounding the immediate area

  • Obsidian- Psychic vacuum cleaner

Used in various cultures for deep healing purposes. A bodyguard to your soul, the Obsidian crystal stone also protects you from shadow traits like addiction, fear, anxiety, and anger by acting as a mirror to your inner self. As a powerful protection stone, the Obsidian crystal can help you identify your dark side so that its healing properties can clear it away from your psyche.

  • Tiger’s eye -Power chakra- Amplifiers of energy

It’s capable of boosting the energy of any other crystal you use with them. Being a power chakra, it helps the bearer to bring through a variety of psychic gifts. Also, known for stoking the fires of passion deep within the loins. In the late 16th century, Tiger’s Eye was more precious than gold mainly used by the tribal leaders for their ceremonial or wardresses. Tiger’s Eye is ever vigilant, bringing sharpness to one’s inner vision and a better understanding of the cause and effect of each situation

  • Phantom Quartz- Master Crystal- Life inventory

Has meaning and properties of improving luck flow. Phantom quartz has the power to overcome the past due to its mystic pattern that is made while the quartz grows. These Phantom Crystals can also help with inner growth while encouraging you to reach beyond your limitations. It is considered a master crystal because of its unique ability to represent the separate and unique lifetimes of the one quartz crystal, its regressive properties and the ability of life after death.


  • Tourmaline –Crystal healing stone- Electrical in nature

It has a unique use in the hair industry. Due to negatively charged ions far infrared rays which improves the quality and appearance of hair. The electrical effect is called 'piezoelectricity', and this characteristic property has many uses in pressure measuring equipment and other scientific applications. It counteracts negative energies and helps to get rid of fear and grief. Tourmaline can also serve as a detoxifying agent

  • Aquamarine- Element of water

Since ancient times, it has been regarded as the sailors’ lucky stone. Aquamarines were believed to calm the ocean, keep sailors safe at sea and prevent seasickness. Also, it was believed that water that aquamarine had been placed was capable of relieving hiccups, issues related to the eyes and breathing. The word aquamarine comes from the Latin word for seawater due to its color.

  • Rose quartz- Energy of love

Since the time of Greek myths, Rose Quartz has had a reputation for being the stone of unconditional love. This stone is all about making you more approachable through brightening your aura with love and understanding. It emits strong vibrations of love and can assist in restoring faith, compassion, harmony, and balance in all matters of the heart.

  • Lapis Lazuli – Wisdom keeper- Element of influence

It is considered a powerful crystal for activating the higher mind and enhancing intellectual ability. In ancient times, it was most highly regarded because of its beautiful color and valuable ultramarine derived from it. For fame in a creative or public performance-related area, wear or carry Lapis Lazuli to auditions. In the workplace, it attracts promotion, success and lasting recognition in your field

  • Amazonite- Stone of courage-Stone of truth

Amazonite beckons in captivating shades of turquoise-green, promising to soothe the spirit and calm the soul. It possesses similar energy as the river for which it is named. Esteemed for its ability to empower one to search the self and discover one’s own truths and integrity, and to move beyond the fear of judgment. In the anti-anxiety medication of the crystal world, the Amazonite is a powerful heart chakra stone, helping to release toxic emotions when placed on the chest in a healing layout. 


  • Pyrite- Shield element- Protector

It is often referred to as the ‘Fools Gold’ because of its similarity in color and shape to gold. As a talisman, Pyrite is a unique protector, drawing energy from the Earth through the physical body and into the aura creating a defensive shield against negative energies, environmental pollutants, emotional attack, and physical harm. A piece of Pyrite in the home or workplace energizes the area around it and imparts an immediate increase in vitality.

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