Vampire Energy Suckers!

Vampire Energy Suckers!

Oct 13, 2018Wm. Robinson


     Everyone has that friend or co-worker who sucks the energy right out of you, complaining about all the different ways the world is set against him or her. However, negativity by others can have an effect on your personal well-being too. So take care of your own well-being, it is important to avoid it when possible, and neutralize it if possible.

     Remember that you do not have to try to cheer them up, solve their problems, or have a solution. Sometimes the best way to deal with negative people is for you to remain positive and ignore the negativity. Sometimes there's a good reason for a person to be in a negative state, honor where they are. The best way to annoy a person in a bad mood is to tell them they should not be. While that may be true, it will not be helpful.

     Do not engage in the negativity. It is really easy when confronted with a negative person to get sucked into their spiral of negativity. Choosing not to engage doesn't mean ignoring them, but it does mean maintaining your emotional distance. 

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