Spellcasting 101

Spellcasting 101

Mar 01, 2022Office Gnome

You’ve felt the Spirit call to you, and you want to know more about the energy and power you possess. If you would like to take the journey into spellcasting, there are a few things you need to know first!

The History

While the craft of using herbs and magick for healing and protection has been present for centuries, it has clearly been the subject of persecution for just as long. It is important to remember how fortunate you are to practice the craft without fear of retribution, so give thanks to the spirits and ancestors that came before us!

Beginners Apothecary 

There are a few items you should have on hand as a beginner! Below is a list of common materials and ingredients used in spells and their purposes!

  • Soul Terra Black Protection candle (to bind the spell and protect the caster)
  • Mortar and pestle
  • Crystals to enhance spells

  • Rose (healing, love, peace)
  • Lavender (tranquility, purification, wisdom)
  • Basil (trust, abundance, protection)
  • Cinnamon (healing, enhancement, success)
  • Salt (purification, protection, cleansing)

Best Days to Cast Spells

While spells can be cast at any time, there are actually days that help to strengthen specific spells!


Monday - Healing Spells

Tuesday - Protection Spells 

Wednesday - Communication Spells

Thursday - Money Spells

Friday - Love Spells

Saturday - Binding Spells

Sunday - New-Beginning Spells

Stay Protected!

Remember that spellcasting is a very serious business! You are manipulating energy to do your will, and it is possible that the energy may be returned to you. With this in mind, remember to only cast with kindness and good intentions. Be sure to seal the magick by completing a spell with a verbal command such as “With harm to none, it is done,” “So be it,” or even a simple “Goodbye.”

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