Top 5 Things to do with your Mystery Crystals

Top 5 Things to do with your Mystery Crystals

Aug 04, 2022Wm. Robinson

Now that you’ve uncovered your mystery crystals, here are five ways you can put them to good use!


Because why wouldn’t you want to show off those beautiful stones! Plus, keeping crystals closer to your personal energy has shown to have greater influence on your life. Look at the links below for a DIY crystal pendant necklace!

For something a bit more challenging…


Crystals don’t just have to be useful - they can simply be appreciated for their beauty! Place your crystals on bookshelves, side tables, or your altar to add a bit of color and elegance to your home decor.


    Crystal healing through yoga and meditation has been used for centuries - check the link below to see what stones are best for your specific healing needs!


      If you don’t have the time to make jewelry, but need the extra push - throw the crystals you need into a pouch and straight into your purse, pocket, or bag! Pick a handful of crystals that will cater to your needs that day (intuition, focus, courage, peace) and run out the door, knowing that you have the little helpers close by.

               5. PLACE IN LIMINAL SPACES

        Place your crystals in places of transition - otherwise known as liminal spaces. This could be in your car, as you travel; your shower, as you prepare for your next activity; or underneath your pillow, as you pass from one day to the next. This provides protection and direction for your spirit and energy while they may be otherwise distracted or off-guard. 

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