The Sign of Scorpio

The Sign of Scorpio

Dec 04, 2023Office Gnome

In Western astrology, Scorpio holds the position as the 8th sign in the zodiac and is the third of the water triplicity. It is linked to the time frame between October 23rd and November 21st. Scorpio symbolizes fixed water, akin to an immovable glacier or the profound depths of the abyssal oceans. Traditionally, Mars governs Scorpio, while modern interpretations also involve Pluto. In contemporary astrology, Scorpio is considered exalted, representing its highest essence. It's noteworthy that Scorpio is the sole zodiac sign traditionally associated with more than one avatar, attributed to its connection with themes of sex, death, and transformation. These avatars include the scorpion, eagle, and the resurgent phoenix.


Scorpio is a sign associated with intensity. Natives of this sign are often referred to as the most emotionally intense and passionate of the zodiac. They are known for being natural detectives, and deeply in tune with the darker sides of human nature. Scorpio natives may take a profound interest in psychology, the occult, true crime, and all other otherwise “socially unacceptable” hobbies or interests. Scorpio is naturally a profound seeker of truth, even when those truths are otherwise buried in the dark where the rest of society would prefer not to see them. 


Nonetheless, Scorpio's character is marked by intensity and discernment, with traits that include obsessiveness, ambition, an unwavering pursuit of power, and sometimes, an overwhelming possessiveness that can be intimidating. They are also notorious for their occasional explosive desire to seek vengeance against those who have wronged them, even if it means harming themselves in the process. Simultaneously, Scorpios have the potential to be the most loyal and steadfast friends you'll ever encounter, but they can transform into the most formidable adversaries if you happen to cross them. These qualities can be largely attributed to their co-rulership by Mars, the god of war, and Pluto, the god of death.


The tarot card most associated with the sign of Scorpio is the lucky number 13 in the major arcana – Death. 


In the context of traditional Renaissance astrology, Scorpio is characterized as cold, watery, nocturnal, and feminine. It is linked to the reproductive organs, insects, ancient ruins, gardens, and the enigmatic depths of murky lakes and ponds. Scorpio holds sway over all that is mysterious and concealed. When it comes to personal attributes, Scorpios are associated with a ruddy complexion and dark hair.


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