The Power of Pyramids

The Power of Pyramids

Feb 04, 2023Wyl the Wizard

I've traveled to 5 great pyramids around the World, ever curious of their mysteries. The similarities between them stretched beyond great distances has always captivated me along with the tales and lore that surround them.

Something else I found along the way, was the idea that our actual bodies are pyramids. Some gnostic texts speak of a Merkah auric field that correlates with the Hindu Chakric system, and is a series of pyramids in the merging octahedonric shape (just like how our candles cure). 

Human Pyramid

Pyramids are a natural generator of energy. Wax holds energy. By combining the elements of wax & the pyramid shape, the crystal inside is complimented and channeled through the apex. When it's burned, the harnessed energy is released along with the powerful aroma that is in tune with the gem.

The Mexican Fire Opal, found in Magdalena (known as the land of the opals), you'll find a farmer there named Jose & his son, who mine the various pockets.
I buy my crystals from him, usually selecting them by hand.

The aroma we choose for this piece is made of Copal oils, found not far from Magdalena. 

The creation table where our candles are made sits under a large copper pyramid, which pulls energy from the etheric atmosphere and channels it into the curing wax.

By combining these elements, there is a frequency resonation inside the candle, which acts to enhance the characteristic powers.
Now, put inside a Pyramid, and we have a powerful energy generator of a specific frequency.

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