What's inside a Soul-Terra Candle?

What's inside a Soul-Terra Candle?

Feb 02, 2023Wyl the Wizard

It all starts with the gemstone or crystals. Each piece is uniquely inspired by the gem & determines the wax, fragrance, and other key elements of the candle.


We source many of our crystals direct from GIA certified mines, with some cuts/raw pieces only available to us. This coupled with our exotic essential oils is what really makes Soul-Terra candles so good.


The aroma is the next thing to consider. Depending on the region of the crystal mine, we let the natural plants of that location inspire the aromas. So the Tanzanite candle uses pure Clove and Cardamom from Tanzania, where all Tanzanite comes from. We use a blend of essential oils & phthalate-free ingredients for a rich smooth burn. We try to balance a hot & cold throw by utilizing a secret blend of wax..


The wax is key to the perfect candle. We use 4 varieties of wax + key ingredients to create a unique pyramid shape & texture. We consider it one of our most highly guarded secrets but we can tell you one thing: it contains beeswax.


A Soul-Terra candle is a unique experience & each is it’s own art. We believe what’s inside is destined to find you. Light everyday for inspiration & to cleanse the aura of everyone who meets its’ aroma.




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