Feb 02, 2023Wyl the Wizard

A question we get a lot is:
What are the metaphysical properties of a Soul-Terra crystal candle?

Soul-Terra candles are first & foremost a metaphysical candle. Each aspect is consciously created and tuned like a guitar to the frequency of love, abundance, positivity, and manifestation.

The wax contains black-salt at the tip, which is used to push out any lingering energies & prepare the space for the supernatural oils.

Our crystals are naturally cleansed & placed under a large copper pyramid which gathers energy from the etheric atmosphere to charge the gem & the setting wax.

The scent is also a very important tool we believe has the power to transform your life.

Making a fragrance is like playing music, each note or chord of the aroma plays on the other to create a harmonic effect of the olfactory. 

Crystals have a vibration as well, so fused together we aim to make a symphony of metaphysical notes that elevate your mind & soul.


Wyl the Wizard

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