You are (Im-)Perfect, Just the Way You Are

You are (Im-)Perfect, Just the Way You Are

Jul 19, 2016William Robinson
When I grew up during the 80's, my adoptive parents were insistent about doing things right.  It didn't matter if I was writing a term paper, mowing the yard, or helping put up drywall in one of the rental apartments, the goal was the same: do it right the first time, because practice makes perfect.
Over the years, I've grown to appreciate the concept of "being perfect": the perfect score, the perfect marriage, the perfect world.  But it's an ideal that, by its own very nature, can't be achieved by imperfect beings.  Many people throughout history have searched for this impossible reality, and every time they met frustration and failure.
"Doing things right" isn't the same as "being perfect" because of the adage itself: "practice makes perfect".  Nobody is born "perfect", in fact we're born imperfect because it leaves room for opportunities to grow, to learn, to master, to teach.
If you're perfect, you'll never fail.  And if you never fail, you'll never learn how to succeed.  So it's okay to be imperfect, because it's your imperfections that make you perfect!
Nick Moore, Motivational Speaker
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