You Are The Lesson

You Are The Lesson

Jul 07, 2016William Robinson
Every day, people help shape our lives.  Sometimes it's done in an obvious way, like a family barbecue; other times, it's as subtle as holding the store door open.  Our family and friends, our neighbors, our bosses and employees, they help change us into whom we want to be.
Every person teaches you a lesson about yourself.  It doesn't matter if it's a kind person or a rude person, each bring something important to learn and grow from.
If you're lucky enough, you encounter the people who give opportunities to be something greater than the sum of your parts.  But I don't personally believe in "luck" and "coincidence".  I do believe, however, that you get back what you give others.
So the people that seem "lucky", and know all the right names in all the right places, they've mastered the skill of learning from others.  The ones who struggle at getting ahead, they've shut themselves into a bubble that grows more inescapable with each passing day.
I mentioned earlier that the people we meet every day are lessons that help change us into whom we want to be.
The most important lesson that you will ever meet is yourself.
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Nick Moore

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