Chinese Zodiac Candles

Are you yin or are you yang?

Chinese Zodiac Wheel

Yin Energy

The Yin energy is considered to be receptive, intuitive, and feminine.

Yang Energy

Yang energy is considered to be giving, logical, and masculine.


According to The Tao, each of us is made up of both of these flowing energies.
Each feeds of the other. By utilizing both of these energies we can bring balance into our home, relationships, and journey.

What You'll Discover

Inside of the Chinese Zodiac Candle, you'll find two things:

  • An amulet for your sign
  • A small amplifying crystal

These two treasures are to be placed in specific areas of the home to balance the Feng-Shui and Yin/Yang energies.

For MoneyPlacing your amulets near the front door is a great way to invite in new opportunities.
For Protection: Try placing them near a corner of the house.
For energy: Try placing in your bedroom.
For emotional stability: The bathroom is a good place to start.
For new Ideas: Try the office!
For increased health: The very center of the house is best.

Play around. Have fun. Experiment with increasing energy to different areas of you life. Share your experience on our instagram page and get new ideas.