Feb 04, 2023Wyl the Wizard

"Listen not to merely to what one says, but to the whole of their action."

"Deception is a dark art technique that pulls a curtain of illusion before your heart, mind, and spirit. Be ever watchful of the magicians left hand, or shadow, as this is just as important as the rabbit she is pulling from her hat."

Fake ass crystals.
Did Soul-Terra formerly use "fake crystals" in their candles? Yes. Prior to our relaunch, some of our crystals would be deemed as "fake." This notion however, is due a deeper exploration into the philosophic idea of fake & natural.
First, define:
What is natural?
Big G's answer is anything not man-made. But is not hueman also natural? Created from this same force? Is the ant-hill no longer natural because it's ant-made? Of course not. It reminds me of a zen quote:

“When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky

So even though some quartz crystals are heated and combined with other metals like copper, all of the elements are still "natural" and still contain properties of their own.

This could lead us into what is deeper than mere physical attributions of a thing: The intention. The gemstone or crystal may carry with it a history of their own, shaped by the environment and circumstances: just like everything else. By an act of destiny or chance, particular crystals have made their way into a mine, a lapidary, then our magic candle factory, and finally into a specific candle for a specific person..which may go on to be made into an art piece as a gift & then later heirloom for a daughter or son. Oh what a story it tells.

With all of that being said: We still found it necessary to source our gems as direct from the mines as possible, even as direct as from the person who went into the cave and pulled from it this precious gift.

Nearly all of Soul-Terra's crystals now are direct from the mine. Many are GIA certified & have a deep connection with the particular stone they mine for. We feel this connection immensely increases the energy of our stones, some of which can only be found in a Soul-Terra candle.

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