How Crystals Came To Me

How Crystals Came To Me

Jul 05, 2016William Robinson

When I was young (around ten years old), my grandmother brought me to a metaphysical shop in our home town and let me pick out a crystal ball to bring home with me. I was in complete awe over it for months after that and remember keeping it in a water fountain I had in my room so I could constantly look at it.

Now, 12 years later, I have really begun to understand what crystals can do for the world. When I first began wrapping crystals with wire, I knew I needed to understand exactly what they are and how they work (if I was going to sell them, i wanted to make sure each person knew what the necklace they bought would do for them!).

Because of this I did a ton of research on each crystal I had bought, including buying Crystal Bibles and saving online pages that had all of the information you could ask for regarding the crystals' energies and how to make sure they stayed “happy”.

After learning so much about them, I would see one in a shop and feel a connection to it (of course, most of the time it ended up at home with my other crystals). The energies of these amazing beings really can attract your attention in a way thats indescribable as long as your mind is open to accepting that energy.

So, that being said, if you have an opportunity to expand your mind and accept new positive energies into your life, walk into a metaphysical shop ~ SoulTerra is a perfect place to start ~ and take a second to look around. Standing in front of a wall of crystals may be overwhelming at first, but if one calls to you (meaning you really just can’t stop looking at it, picking it up, or coming back to it) there’s probably a great reason as to why that stone is coming into your life. 

I can’t explain how many times I have bought crystals without knowing their metaphysical properties and ended up looking it up later to find out that it could help me in exactly the areas I needed assistance with in my life at that time. 


*You can ALWAYS do research on your crystals, 

no matter if it’s before or after it comes into your life.*


Expand your mind ~ Experience new energies.


Love, Kay.

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